Being single or couple is a personal choice. Each status has never-ending progression of making decisions and setting up targets, goals, and responsibilities for the future. The stages of responsibilities are completely contrasting with married-life and single-life. Some people enjoy their life by being single and live it their own way.

Others enjoy their life with their partners. In this regard, both face problems, vicissitudes; sometimes get too tired of being single or married.

Being single always feels like a free-bird. Nowadays, some people want to be single for the rest of their lives because there is no bound, no condition, no restriction, and no domination. This type of people does not want to take mental stress or mental pressure. Single people get control under their own individual decision and are considered as individual choice. An American Psychologist Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. (30. 2016), in her article “Marriage vs. the Single Life: Who Has It Better? Is it better to stay single or get married?” wrote that single people make individual decisions to make their lives happier than coupling, psychologically. They are happier than married or divorced individual. There is lifelong happiness, choices to make, and own-loss; and no one is to blame. They need not to consult with others. Therefore, the consequences are only depending on themselves.

It is time to believe-Marriage is just a choice, not a life. Married status does not define your personality, your identity, or your existence. This is completely an ill sense that marriage is emotional support and lifetime security for survival. True, we human cannot live alone. But, that does not mean we need to get married for being alone at our aged-life. Without marriage, a single person can live happily and successfully with his/her parents or pet animals. Marriage is not a burden rather a responsibility. A responsibility where there is an understanding of companionship, friendship, and partnership. Some people would like to get married because of love, emotional attachment, and most importantly financial support. However, in this new digital world, both males and females want to be career-oriented and financially independent. They need not to bother or involve each other’s career. Now, married life becomes completely different and depends on a person’s choice.

At this time, if we encounter in this debate that single status is better than coupling, we can come up with several arguments why we want to be single or married. There are many benefits to being single. First, single people are free from any commitment or responsibilities. They are not bound to anyone. None can interfere in their lives. Single people can meet anyone people whenever they want and there is no restriction for making friends. There is no dead end for the career-goal. There is no mental-stress/pressure for the partner. Second, financial matter does affect a person’s life. This is why; most of the people want to be single because there are no financial bindings for partners and family members. Money can be saved for future goals or dreams. Bella DePaulo, (30. 2016), says that no tension for financial expenses mean freedom; lifetime freedom where single people are psychologically and physically determined in their life. No partner means no family; no family means no responsibilities. Many people are scared of taking responsibilities; that is why some people want to be single. Third, lifelong single people do better than married couples. They are more focused on their lives as well as for volunteering, helping other people whenever they need to. They have the power to choose their lifestyle, food habit and clothing style also. They do not need to bother for changing the regular habits. For example, a single woman has total independence to wear any kind of fashionable clothes rather than traditional clothing. On the other hand, a male has complete independence to spend his time playing console games or hanging out with friends/ colleagues. Fourth, lifestyle is a major issue for single people, because they do not want to change their lifestyle the way they have. They believe, it is only driven by own- self. After marriage, people usually face weight flux and irregular food habit due to coupling-chores and responsibilities at home or outside. Single people are more health conscious than the married wants. They prioritize their health first and then maintain a balanced food habit with regular exercises. Nevertheless, in married life, there is less time for taking care of health. Fifth, there are also little things, which single people do not want to allow in their life. For example, no one is disturbing them at night, no texts, no phone calls, no dates, etc. They only give priority to set the goal for the future.

Finally, it can be said that being single or married status does not define who you are and who you will be. Married or Single life does not give an identity in society or so-called reputation for the family. It is a choice that depends on the person him/herself. Now things have changed, people come forward to accept that \”being single\” is completely a personal decision and it is respected. This is true! Single life is better when there are no expectations, to meet on an optimum level. Being single refers to complete freedom, non-dependency, and taking decisions that will not affect anyone around himself or herself.


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